Affirmative Prayer for Prosperity

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There is only one power, God, Divine Love, Light, Life, Beauty Joy, Power, Peace.  Creator of Good and only good–the Life Force expressing in me, through me and around me.  I am one with it.  I am a magnificent expression of God’s Love, Light, Life, Beauty, Joy, Power and Peace.

The Love of God expresses as me.  My gifts and abilities and my abundant prosperity are the gifts of God to me and to the world.  I shine with joy and love, with faith and confidence, knowing that this is the truth of my being and my birthright.  My life is alive with possibilities in every moment.  I am tuned into the mind of God within me and led to everything necessary for the manifestation of a magnificent life of prosperity, joy and peace.  I relax into this awareness of my Higher Self directing my way.  My life flows with effortless ease as I am directed to my highest good in every moment.  I am free of judgment, knowing that everything is in perfect divine right order at all times.  I let everything and everyone be as they are, trusting the wisdom of Divine Love and Power working for me and guiding to my highest and best.  I trust the process for I am anchored in faith.  I know the truth.  I am focused on the truth at all times.  I am patient and positive, because there is only good for me and it manifests as my experience.  My life unfolds effortlessly with abundant prosperity.

Life is such a joy and such a gift.  I am eternally grateful for the Love of God expressed as me and through my life as abundant prosperity and love; and for the law that manifests my every thought and feeling.  In peace and confidence, I release my word to this perfect Law of Mind, knowing that it is the truth.  It is done in the Mind of God and manifesting now.

And so it is.  Amen

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    1. Thanks for commenting Nancy. I’m glad you liked it.
      I will be posting affirmative prayers more often.
      I write them almost everyday…might as well share them.
      In Joy,

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