Affirmative Prayer for ACIM Lesson 69

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As an Affirmative Prayer Practitioner, I love to convert ACIM lessons into affirmative prayers.

Words are have a very powerful effect on the mind so it’s very important to state things in the positive. I say “remember to ________ ” instead of “don’t forget to _______________” Some people will scoff at this distinction but if you try practicing this, you will see that it makes a big difference in your life. My practice is to keep my words framed in the positive and to state what I want, rather than what I don’t want.

Affirmative prayers are even more powerful. They are stated in the first person so that your mind can accept it as true for you. As you read this Prayer, know that the “I” in me is the same as the I in you, because we are all one in The One. Enjoy!

There is only one power, Divine Love and Harmony, All Powerful, All Knowing and Everywhere Present.

I am one with the presence and power of God — a magnificent expression of Divine Love and Harmony in the world.

I shine the light of God into the world through my unconditional love. I see the good in people. I see us as brothers and sisters, at one with God and equally imbued with the power of God. I rejoice at having realized the light of God in me and everyone.

I am lifted up into the realization of my true self — that I am one with the Love of God. It is God’s will that I shine the light of unconditional love and it creates great peace and joy in my life. God’s will is my will and the power of God works in me and through me.

I revel in the confidence of my true nature as the power and presence of God in the world. I express unconditional love. The light of God’s love expressed as me, awakens others. Serving others brings me great joy and peace.

With deep gratitude and joy for the realization of my true nature as God’s Love and Light, and the abundant love, peace and joy in my life, I abide now in the realization of these words of Truth. For so it is. Amen

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