Affirmative Prayer for A Course in Miracles Lesson 68 

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God created me like Himself,
I forgive and I find peace.
I forgive and I remember who I am.
I feel so peaceful when I forgive and remember that God created me in His image and likeness.

I now see all people as friends.
I silently say in my mind: I see you as my friend,
I remember you are part of me and
I know myself as God created me.

I am at peace with everyone and everything,
I am safe in this world that protects me and loves me,
and I love in return.
I feel safety surrounding me,
hovering over me and holding me up.

I hold no grievances because I know I am perfectly safe.
I have awakened to my true Self.
I have laid aside grievances and awakened to Christ consciousness.

With deep gratitude and great joy, I release and allow these words of truth to be my experience now.
And so it is.

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