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Confessions of a Personal Development Nerd

Do you know what it’s like to have a calling, a passion that just makes you feel so happy and fulfilled? Mine is personal development. I didn’t realize it was “a calling” until later in life, but I remember that even as a young girl, I was very sensitive to the fact that many people were not as well-off as my family and it seemed so unfair. I was determined to make a difference.

In my college years at UC, Berkeley, I tutored inner-city kids, and did community development work in Mexico in the summer. After graduation, I served in the Peace Corps in Liberia, West Africa for 4 years as a teacher and teacher trainer.

Then, one day, after I had settled down to start a family, I happened to hear Wayne Dyer on a talk show, promoting his first book, Your Erroneous Zones. Reading that book launched me into becoming a total personal development nerd. I was so excited to know that there were simple, clear instructions on how to have a great life. For the next 40 years I read all the books, listened to audio recordings, attended spiritual centers, made vision boards, said affirmations, and meditated. And I thought, “someday I will share all of this powerful information with others and change lives.”

In the meantime, the knowledge enriched my life and helped me navigate two divorces, many career changes, especially the collapse of my real estate business in 2008. As I reached retirement age, with no life partner, almost no financial assets and living with my 89 year old Mother, it was time to up my game. I had developed a deep conviction that everything was always working for my highest good. I saw this situation as an opportunity to go for my dream of becoming a life coach.

I used everything I had learned to stay positive and keep taking action, including starting my own business as a computer tutor, dating online and investing in THREE certification programs. Having coaches and mentors in these programs made all the difference! They were totally worth the investment of time and money. And the DreamBuilder Coach Certification program turned out to be my path.

Now, I’m living my dream as a DreamBuilder Coach, in my RV, with my life partner that I met on an online dating site (I took several courses on how to do that). I wake up everyday feeling energized, enthusiastic, fulfilled and so-o-o-o grateful.

If I’d had a DreamBuilder Coach 40 years ago, I wouldn’t have taken so many detours on the road to my best life. That’s the reason I’m so passionate about empowering other women with its powerful, proven system for realizing their dreams.

My life is proof positive that It’s never too late. As the Chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.”

If you can’t totally believe it right now, I understand. You can lean on my belief. That’s what coaches are for. I believe in you and your dreams because, even though I haven’t met you, this the truth about you:

There is a power within you greater than any situation, circumstance or condition.
Your past does not determine your future. Your ‘story’ does not define you or your Infinite potential.
The dreams in your heart are Life seeking to be expressed and realized in the world through you.
You are here to fulfill your heart’s desires and live a life you “absolutely LOVE living!”

You just need a guide, someone who has been there, knows the pitfalls, and can help you avoid wasted time and frustration. Someone who can make it an exciting adventure.

You deserve to enjoy every precious remaining day of your life to the fullest. It’s your time. Let’s go!!

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