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Feeling so happy and free, coaching from My RV

Hi, I’m Mardi Lynn, Dream Builder Coach, certified by Mary Morrissey and The Brave Thinking Institute.

Being a Dream Builder Coach is the realization of a dream I had for more than 40 years! I wanted to be a Life Coach before it was a recognized profession! After reading Wayne Dyer’s first book, Your Erroneous Zones, I became a total personal development geek. (I’ve been known to read two or three books a week in addition to listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos and documentary films.)

However, information without right action is merely entertainment. Unfortunately, for too many years, I allowed circumstances and outer conditions to determine what I thought I could do.  I settled for less than my true passion.  And what’s really sad is that I was taking a lot of action, but not the action that was in the service of my dreams! I didn’t have a clear vision and the right tools.

My life was pretty good. I worked various interesting jobs (I love to learn and try new things). I even created several businesses (that involved teaching, coaching and consulting).  My two children turned out well in spite of the fact that their fathers and I divorced (yes plural- different dads). I felt like I was always trying to figure things out. It was very frustrating to know so much and yet, not be experiencing more prosperity and fulfillment.

The DreamBuilder Program didn’t exist back then. If I had access to the Dream Builder Program with coaching, (it didn’t exist yet) my whole life would have been so much better! And that’s why I’m so enthusiastic and passionate about being a DreamBuilder Coach. I wish everyone could be spared wasting time and effort and manifest their dreams, now! I have studied and tried just about everything and I can assure you that The DreamBuilder System works.

“Good is the enemy of great”

It’s been said that “Good is often the enemy of great.”  Too often, we settle for less than we deserve because we don’t know any better.  Well now I know better. (Thank you Mary Morrissey!) You don’t have to settle for just “good enough” and life doesn’t have to be a struggle.  

You really can create a life you absolutely love.  You don’t have to settle for just “good enough.”

Van Life Adventure with Aspen in “Grandma’s van-truck.”

As a lifelong student of personal and spiritual development, I’ve always believed that we are meant to manifest our dreams, but “the devil is in the details.” I needed a reliable system, mentoring and daily practice to fully embody new ways of thinking, being and doing.

The Solution

I love the The Dream Builder Program so much, because it includes the “woo woo” and the practical.  It relies on a powerful combination of universal spiritual principles, psychology, brain science and Quantum Physics.

Accelerate Your Results

My passion is teaching and coaching so you can create a life you truly love — so you can manifest your dreams NOW and not waste any more precious time trying and trying and not getting results.

You can be pushed by pain, or you can be pulled by a vision.  Vision is more fun, but both energies help us define what we really want.   

Your longing for something more and your discontent with current circumstances or conditions are signals from The Divine, The Universe, Your Higher Power, Life, urging you to grow into a fuller, freer, more expansive life.  Life just gets better and better.

What I Know About You…

  • You are far more powerful than any circumstance, situation or condition
  • You have more potential than you realize
  • You can create a life you absolutely love

The way to achieve this is through the proven success system called DreamBuilder™

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