“To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected.”

Ever since I was a small girl, my dream was to help people become happier and more prosperous. I was blessed to be born into a comfortable middle class family and it didn’t feel right for me to be happy and prosperous when others were not.

For years, that belief prevented me from enjoying life as much as I might have because I held myself back by rejecting abundant prosperity.

So when the self-help movement emerged, I was hooked. I was so excited that there were answers for people and advice on how to make life better. Life coaching wasn’t well known at the time but I knew that someday I would love to be a Life Coach and make a bigger difference in the world.

In the meantime, I put a lot of time and energy into trying to “save the world.” I did community development work in Mexico, served in the Peace Corps in Liberia for four years and, after returning to the U.S. to settle down and have children, I continued to try to make a difference by working as an elementary school teacher, preschool Director, fitness instructor, and computer tutor. It was all gratifying but low paying work.

After my children left the nest, I decided to pursue my dream in earnest. I invested a lot of money and time in becoming certified in several different programs. However, none of them seemed to produce the results I’d hoped for and I was still not earning enough money to live really well.

It was very discouraging! I was almost ready to give up! But I loved learning, growing and helping others so much! It felt like “a calling.”

Amigos Anonymous, Mexico

Peace Corps, Liberia

Child Development Center Director

I still believed it was possible to have an amazing life rather than settling for a “good enough” life.

I kept reading and searching and I found Mary Morrissey and her DreamBuilder Program.

Mary and I had a lot in common — having been teachers and having been avid students of spiritual and personal growth and her program was exactly what I had been looking for.

It has the perfect combination of spiritual principles, psychology and quantum physics, (the “woo” AND the “practical”) organized into a simple, reliable 12 step system that produced immediate results for me.

And I was able to get trained as a Life Coach with her certification program! I can’t even tell you how excited I was!!! After all these years to finally find the way to my ideal life. I would have Mary and five faculty members as mentors and they were all doing what I wanted to do (on a much larger scale), achieving incredible results, and with so much joy and ease.

Finding the money to invest in the training wasn’t easy for me and it wasn’t convenient (great opportunities rarely are) but, by applying what the DreamBuilder Program had taught me, I found a way and my life and my business began to transform.

I began to see the errors in my beliefs that it wasn’t OK for me to be prosperous and happy and that hard work always has to precede success.

I began to use the DreamBuilder Tools consistently and to demonstrate that results are created, first in the invisible and then in the visible realm.

Learning how to operate in harmony with this system, I discovered how to BREAK THROUGH to ever-increasing levels of success in the four areas of life that matter most – health, relationships, vocation, and time and money freedom.

And the best part?

This process is actually joyful, life-giving and FUN!

Now I have the privilege and joy of witnessing the power of these principles transforming my clients’ lives.

I’m on a mission to share the good news and get this proven system into the hands of as many people as possible.

I’m not getting any younger and I’m making up for lost time.

The 12 Week DreamBuilder Program is a proven, reliable and repeatable system that can transform your dreams into your reality and create a life you absolutely love living… and do it with more fun and ease than you ever thought possible.

Now it’s YOUR turn to receive guidance from a mentor like I did.

Let me help you DREAM BIG AND BLOOM!

1. We’ll get clear on where you are now

2. Where you’d love to be and

3. The next most important step to move you forward to a life you absolutely love

Image of Mardi Lynn, Dream Builder Coach
Mardi Lynn

Looking forward to talking with you soon!

Let’s do this!