A Different Perspective on Mother’s Day

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This Sunday is Mother’s Day and many women’s life experiences don’t match the glorified ideal. On days like this, I like to share a different perspective on Mother’s Day that feels better.

Looking through a transparent image of a heart toward the sky representing a different perspective on Mother's Day and the meaning of love.

Shifting Our Perspective – Maternal Love As Eternal Love

In order to be happy and free, DreamBuilders forgive and release the past and shift their perspective on things they cannot change. This week I’m sharing a unique and inspiring perspective on Mother’s Day from an article at Unity.org, Maternal Love Is Eternal Love by By Jessica Heim-Brouwer.

Jessica points out that the qualities we associate with Maternal love are the qualities of eternal love. And ALL love is a reflection of Our Creator’s love for us, including the beauty of Mother Nature.

Eternal Love Expressed Through Mother Nature

photo of a view toward the sky as seen by looking up from the midst of a forest of of tall trees which represents a different perspective on Mother's Day as thinking about all love as eternal love.

Living in the Spirit of Maternal Love All Year Round

The article invites us to focus on how we might “live according to the Spirit of maternal love all year round” by:

  • “Practicing patience for people and processes in life over which we have no control.
  • Accepting and supporting each other in times of fear, uncertainty, self-doubt, and loneliness while remaining bolstered in faith that everything will work out.
  • Being generous when we are able—no matter if that means giving physical resources or simply giving someone the benefit of the doubt.
  • Protecting the things that are precious to us—whether that’s a home, a relationship, a special project, or the natural environment.
Bask in the joys Mother Nature has to offer

Consider Mother’s Day an opportunity to:

  • receive and reflect upon the divine gift of creation,
  • spend time with a special motherly figure,
  • or simply bask in the joys that Mother Nature has to offer.
  • Acknowledge someone or something throughout your life that has demonstrated motherly love.

Beyond this annual occasion, we can continue to express maternal love in our everyday lives and in this way, also extend eternal love to the whole world. Isn’t that a great idea!

multi-color paper chain of people surrounding the earth, representing the idea that by express maternal love in our everyday lives, we extend eternal love to the whole world.

One of the ways I extend love in the world is by teaching women how to conquer “fear, uncertainty, self-doubt, and loneliness” and to have faith that everything will work out” for their highest and best.

How do you do it? Share with us in the comments.

Here’s to a life of great love and fulfillment!

Much love to you,


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