#59 Death Is Inevitable. Disease Is Optional

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Hi! And welcome to the Dream Big & Bloom Podcast Episode #59

I’m Mardi Lynn, certified DreamBuilder Coach and I help ladies create lives they absolutely love.   

The DreamBuilder Program that I teach is a proven, reliable system for overcoming any challenge and achieving any dream no matter how big it seems.

This podcast will introduce you to the powerful principles and practices of the DreamBuilder system and show you the mindsets that are growing or slowing your progress. 

Lately I’ve been talking to people who have health challenges, so today I’m sharing the DreamBuilder principles and practices for creating Vibrant Health and well-being.

“Vibrant Health” is Mindset Number Seven in the Guidebook and Scorecard for Living Happy, Rich and Free After 60. You can download a free copy at https://dreambigandbloom.com/guidebook/ .

“Death is inevitable. Disease is optional.”  

It’s been said that “Death is inevitable. Disease is optional.”  

Do you believe that…that “disease is optional?” 

Would you like to believe that?

Do you wish it were so? 

Or do you believe that it’s true but you haven’t been able to do what’s necessary to stay healthy?

You have more control over your health than you may realize. This episode of the Dream Big And Bloom podcast will show you how you can have vibrant health and a long life. 

Our Bodies Are Designed to Stay Healthy

First it’s important to understand and appreciate the fact that our bodies are the most magnificent machines ever created. The human body is designed to stay healthy and knows how to do it. Our role is simply to feed and care for it. And this means, not only eating well and exercising, but being stress-free and happy.

One of my favorite books on the subject is The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton in which he documents the way cells communicate with each other and react to the environment around them and they are continually affected by hormones that are released by our emotions. 

And even when the body is affected by circumstances outside our control, like accidents, the body jumps into action to heal itself. 

The same is true for other environmental hazards like bacteria, viruses and cancers. A healthy, well maintained body can stomp them out.

Signals from Our Bodies

Illnesses and lack of energy are signals from the body alerting us to pay attention to how we are living. 

The main reason that people have health issues when they get older is that they have neglected to do the necessary care and maintenance over the years. Disease is not inevitable, it is preventable. And if you have conditions now, they may still be repairable with a few changes in habits.

Feel Stuck?

Do you feel stuck in this domain of your life? It’s not your fault. Our society has evolved in ways that make it very challenging.

Too Much of a Good Thing

We tend to eat too much because food is so readily available and being advertised everywhere. Food is abundantly available, affordable and continually tempting us. Our attention is hijacked by billboards, advertisements and commercials.  

In our natural state when we had to hunt for meat and grow fruits and vegetables, and chop wood to cook, it was not as easy to eat – let alone, over eat. As my mother, who was very health and weight conscious used to say, “I eat to live, I don’t live to eat.”

Nowadays, it’s so easy to buy prepared foods and most of them are ridiculously calorie dense, loaded with salt or sugar and many are actually addictive. 

Food Inc

Did you see the documentary film “Food Inc.” back in 2009? It explains what has happened to our food and our culture around food. 

I wish that everyone would watch it so they would understand the hazards and be inspired to change their way of eating.  However, recently, I recommended the film to someone and she said she didn’t want to watch it. It would just be depressing. 

Why do you think she said that? Is it fear of having to make changes? Maybe it’s just too much information?

We Eat for Reasons other than nourishment

Another issue with food today is that we often eat for reasons other than nourishment. We eat for fun, we eat to comfort ourselves when we feel unhappy or stressed. We eat because we are bored. 

This issue will resolve itself as you learn to manage your thinking. When you have a clear vision for a life you would love and for being the person you would love to be, and you use the DreamBuilder practices daily, you will get results. You won’t be stressed or bored. 


So there is food, our emotional health and then exercise. Exercise is a simple matter of committing the time and choosing activities you love.  When it’s fun, you do it and when you do it, you see results. It really can be simple, easy and fun. 

Trust me, I’ve done all the diets and exercise programs. I’ve even been a fitness instructor/ I know how easy it is to get stuck AND I know simple and effective ways to get unstuck and get results.

I’ve managed to reach the ripe old age of 76 without any chronic health issues. I’m not perfect, I still go up and down with that last 5 or 10 lbs. I like a good junk food binge once in a while, and sometimes I let things push my emotional buttons. However, I’m aware that I’m in charge, I use the DreamBuilder tools and I’m pretty darn happy. 

My passion is helping others to be happy and healthy too. 

The Solution

Here’s how you can get started today:


Just like all aspects of DreamBuilding and living your best life, the first step is to 

Recognize that there is a power within you, more powerful than any situation or circumstance. It’s the power that created that magnificent intelligent body of yours.

You Are Meant to Be Healthy and Vibrant 

Then believe that you are meant to be healthy and vibrant and to live a long healthy life. It’s your birthright.

Take Charge of Your Thinking

Take charge of your thinking. Fear, worry and stress cause hormonal changes in your body. If your body is in a continual state of stress, it gets overwhelmed and  your immune system becomes compromised. 

The good news is that Dis-ease in your mind is optional. When you take charge of your thinking, by shifting your perception and choosing thoughts that feel good, your body will be able to use its energy for doing the healing and maintenance work that it’s designed to do.

Focus on Your Vision

Next, Create a written vision statement for what your life with vibrant health would look like. Your vision is what will keep you motivated during those times when your habitual ways of thinking – your paradigms try to stop you.

Decide to Take Action

Then, decide to take action. You make a decision – make a commitment to yourself to do the things necessary to create results. Take baby steps everyday and act as if it is already accomplished. See yourself as that person who is happy and vibrant, eats healthy, exercises doing fun things and feels great. Little by little you will become that vibrant, healthy, happy person in your vision and you will enjoy a long, healthy and productive life.

Be Aware of Your Old Paradigms

Your old paradigms – your old ways of thinking and behaving will resist you, but you will notice them and not let them sabotage your results.

Oh yes, it won’t necessarily be a perfectly straight line to your results and that’s perfectly OK.  We are continually learning and growing. It’s all part of the process.

Changing habits can be challenging because there is a part of the brain that is programmed to perceive change as dangerous. Change feels uncomfortable and our default response is to avoid discomfort and to seek comfort.


However, when you understand that the brain operates this way, you can laugh about it, extend yourself grace and be patient with the process. Celebrate your wins and enjoy yourself.

When you think about it in this way, you will feel positive and relaxed and the whole process will be easier and more fun.  

You will also get faster results because you won’t allow your old habits to sabotage your progress — as often.

Get A Mentor and Like-Minded Community

And it helps immensely to have a mentor and a community of like minded people who are committed to the same goals.  Learn more about the 12 week DreamBuilder Program at https://dreambigandbloom.com/program and you can book a complementary strategy session to get clear on exactly where you are now, where you would love to be, and the best next step you can take to move you forward.

I hope you will try these tips and share your results in the comments.

Always Remember

Now as you go remember…

The Power within you is far more powerful than any circumstance or condition you are facing.

  • Your past does not determine your future. Your ‘story’ does not define you or your Infinite potential.
  • The dream in your heart is Life seeking to be expressed and realized in the world through you.
  • You are here to fulfill your heart’s desire and live a life you “absolutely LOVE living!”
  • The dream in your heart really can become the life you absolutely LOVE!

Your Next Steps

Here are the next steps for taking your life to the next level.

1. Get The Book

Get a free copy of my book, Living Happy, Rich and Free After 60, The guidebook and scorecard for achieving your dreams at https://dreambigandbloom.com/guidebook  

2. Be a guest on the Podcast

This is a great way to get a feel for the coaching process. Helping you get unstuck and come up with solutions is one of my favorite things to do. To be a guest just visit DreamBigandBloom.com/guest

3. Join the Dream Builder Program

Studies have shown that when education is combined with coaching, individuals increase their productivity by an average of 86%.That’s why top athletes, celebrities and successful business leaders hire coaches. To make this difference in your life, join the 12-week DreamBuilder Program and get in-depth personalized support applying these powerful principles and practices.  To get started visit dreamBigandBloom.com/get-started

Here’s to Living a long, healthy, vibrant life!

Much love to you,


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