We Are God’s Glory On Earth

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I speak these words in the first person, knowing that it is the truth for all, as we are all one.  As you accept this Truth for yourself, it will manifest in your life experience.

There is only ONE POWER, GOD.  We are magnificent manifestations of God in the world imbued with all the love, light, peace, power and prosperity which is the nature of God as us.

We are God’s glory on earth.  Our lives demonstrate the goodness, richness, abundance, perfection, love, joy and peace of God.  Anything unlike perfection and goodness is a mirage–a misperception of belief–a demonstration of the Ego Mind, separated from the Mind of Truth, of God, within and as us.

Today I walk in the consciousness of my true nature.  I walk and talk as God in the world.  My mind is focused on the truth and only the truth.  I feel the Presence of God in me.  I hear the still small voice of God in my mind.  I listen before I speak and thus I speak only truth, only good, only love.  I listen before I act, and I am directed to my highest good in every moment.  This conscious awareness of God’s loving voice with me leads me to good and greater good.  I am divinely guided and protected at all times, for I am consciously connected at all times.  Life is perfect because God is perfect and I am one with God.

With deep gratitude for the gift of God’s grace, guidance, love and my magnificent life, I release my word, and let go, knowing that my life is perfect and flows with ease, for this is the Truth, spoken in to the Law.  And so it is.  Amen

Sharing is caring!

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