#46 Your Life Purpose

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Welcome to the Dream Big & Bloom Episode #46

Hi! I’m Mardi Lynn, certified DreamBuilder Coach and I help ladies who want to REWIRE, rather than RETIRE and LIVE LIVES THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVE.

The DreamBuilder Program that I teach is a proven, reliable system for overcoming any challenge and achieving any dream no matter how big it seems.

This podcast will introduce you to the powerful principles and practices of the DreamBuilder system and show you the mindsets that are growing or slowing your progress. 

The mindsets are all laid out for you in the guidebook and scorecard called Living Happy, Rich and Free After 60 and you can download a free copy at dreambigandbloom.com/guidebook.

For those of you who are new to the podcast, Mindset #2 is Vision and in this episode we’re going deeper with the process of creating a vision for the life you would absolutely love.

Episode #9 will walk you through the process of creating a powerful vision.  You’ll find it at DreamBigAndBloom/#9.

In this episode, we’re taking visioning to the next level by getting clear about our Life Purpose.

Your Life Purpose is an important aspect of your vision.

When you have a clear purpose and vision, you can set goals that help you track your results.

Charting Your Course

In DreamBuilding, we call this “Charting Your Course” and it has three parts: 

1 – Your Purpose

2 – Your Vision

3 – Your Goals

First I want to address a couple of issues that frequently come up for people. I want to clarify that creating a vision for your life is not a matter of manipulating outside circumstances in order to make yourself happy.  Circumstances themselves, will not make you happy.  In fact it’s not always possible to manipulate circumstances and it’s your thoughts about your circumstances that determine whether you are happy or not.  

I’m sure you can think of examples of people who are very rich and not happy and others who have relatively modest financial means and are very happy.  It’s a matter of their thoughts or beliefs about their financial circumstances.  

Be Clear About Your Why

So DreamBuilding is not about choosing something you’ve seen on TV or a magazine and believing that if you just had that lifestyle you would be happy. This is not to say you can’t have an opulent lifestyle, you absolutely can; but if you choose things for the wrong reasons you will be disappointed. You want to be clear about your why.

One of my mentors, Bijan Anjomi, told a story once that I’ll never forget.  He’s a master at manifesting whatever he wants.  Years ago, he wanted a date with a woman who worked out at the gym where he worked out every day.  It took awhile to get her attention and get a date with her and he was pretty pleased with himself.  They met for dinner and soon, she excused herself to go to the ladies room.  When she returned she was  rubbing her nose and she started using coarse and vulgar language. She went to the restroom several times and Bijan was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with her behavior.  Finally he excused himself and left. He said that after that terrible experience, whenever he wanted to manifest something, he would tell his guide, (that’s what he calls his “Higher Self”), “If this is in my best interest, please give it to me, and if it’s not, dont.” He realized that he wasn’t always able to see what’s in his best interest. 

You see, “Your Guide,” “Universal Intelligence,” “The Universe,” “The Creator,” “God,” whatever term you prefer for a “Higher Power,” has a broader perspective and can put things together in a way we could never imagine. It can protect us from things that are not in our best interest and deliver results better than we imagined.  That’s why DreamBuilders always include “this or something better” at the end of our vision statements. 

Your Passions, Talents & Abilities

Your “Creator” has also endowed you with passions, talents and abilities for you to share with others and those are related to Your Purpose.

A truly happy, rich, fulfilling life requires living according to your life’s purpose, your passion and your core values. And when you are living in alignment with these, everything you require for happiness, fulfillment and prosperity will show up. 

So…creating a vision for your life starts with an understanding and recognition of your purpose, your passion and your core values. From this foundation, you can create a vision that serves you in the best way and inspires you each day.  You will enjoy the journey – the process, as well as the accomplishments. 

And, at the same time, you will gradually transform into a more evolved person — more of your authentic self, more in control of your responses to life, more courageous, empowered and confident.

As you learn to work more deeply with the physics of transformation like this, you will see how the alignment between your purpose, your passions, and your values, creates an attractive energy. It allows the full force of life energy to flow at a much faster and more concentrated rate, and that puts you on a frequency that matches your Vision and accelerates your results.

Your Purpose Is The Rudder of Your Ship

Your purpose is the rudder for your ship. It helps you navigate your daily life. Knowing your purpose makes many of life’s decisions easier to make. A purpose helps you become persistent and resilient at times when you are required to deal with some of life’s most challenging situations. A definite purpose removes the confusion that can arise when deciding what to do next. By defining your purpose, you can gain clarity, focus, and direction in your life. 

Are you wondering, “What if you don’t know what your purpose is, then what?”

Think about it this way… when we put our head on the pillow for the last time, how have we left a beneficial footprint or presence while having walked this earth. You are as unique as your thumbprint. There will never be another person just like you to walk the earth. 

Becoming aware of your purpose helps you connect with the infinite side of your nature and it reveals itself in other areas of your life, as well. 

The 5 Step Process

I’m going to share with you a five-step process for discovering your purpose.

  1. It begins with finding renewed clarity about your values. 
  2. Next, uncovering what you are truly passionate about. 
  3. Then, you will take stock and acknowledge all of your personal assets. 
  4. Describe your legacy
  5. Put it all together in your purpose statement.

And as we begin, I want to remind you that the transcript for this podcast is available on the website as well as the audio and you are welcome to print it out if you’d like to make notes. At dreambigandbloom.com/46

Let’s begin

1) Determine Your Values

Number one is to determine your values. What do you hold most dear? Your values are deeply held beliefs that govern and guide your behavior. Examples include: honesty, integrity, faith, family, and love. They are what matter most to us, and are at the core of our being. They’re extremely important, because we make important decisions based upon values. Our behavior, decisions and actions flow from values. 

In order to uncover your values, just ask yourself, “What is most important to me?”  

By the way, I did a google search for Lists of Core Values for some suggestions to get you started and found lists numbering from 50 to 500!  It occurred to me that this approach might get you too far removed from following your inner wisdom and it could be totally overwhelming. I’ll leave it up to you whether you think that would be helpful. Perhaps only go there if you feel stuck. Try doing it on your own first.

Ask yourself, “What’s most important to me?” and then brainstorm a list. Remember that brainstorming is about writing without editing or thinking too much…just get any and all ideas out on paper. 

When you’re completely done brainstorming, then go back and circle the most important 10 values. 

Then put those 10 in priority order and create a final list of the top 5 – 7 values.  

2) Uncover Your Passions

The next step is to uncover your passions. Passion is the internal fire that raises our vibration. What excites and energizes you? What brings you joy? Passion gives us that internal fire to succeed. It acts as a motivating force that fuels action. (Some examples are: I’m passionate about helping others find their purpose, passion and fulfill their potential; I care deeply about the environment and protecting wildlife; I love teaching others about health and nutrition; I love running, rock-climbing and testing my personal limits.)

Make a list and write “I’m passionate about:” at the top. 

3) Identify Your Personal Assets

Next is to Identify Your Personal Assets. When we hear the word “assets” we’ve been trained to think about those physical things first like (money, securities, property, etc.). In this case, we are looking for and acknowledging our non-physical assets.

Your personal assets include: talents, gifts, qualities, skills and characteristics. What do people say you’re good at? Has anyone said, “You’re a natural born leader, listener, sales person, or athlete?” 

Another way to think about it is to ask yourself this question: “Given my interests,

talents, skills, and gifts, in what way do I make this world a better place?”

Make a list with “My assets are:” at the top.

4) Describe Your Legacy

As I said before, we all know there will be a time when we will lay our heads down on the pillow for the last time. How do you want to be remembered? What qualities and characteristics will people remember you for? What outstanding accomplishments will you have made? You can think of this exercise as actually sitting down to write your eulogy.

Write it out, starting with “Looking back on the life of…”

5) Put it All Together – Your Purpose Statement

Now #5 is putting it all together into your purpose statement. 

  1. Review steps 1-4 above and ask yourself these questions: 
    1. “What does this reveal about me? 
    2. What is my purpose?” 
  2. Become quiet and listen. 
  3. Write down what comes to you without self-editing. 

Then read and refine that into 2-3 sentences. No more than three because Your Purpose Statement is just that… a “statement.” You want to be able to remember and recite it easily to yourself and others at any time. Start with “My purpose is…

Note: It can be helpful to set this Purpose Statement aside for a day or so and then come back and review it again. New words to describe something may come to you. 

Feel The “Yes!”

When you read it again to finalize it, notice if a resounding “YES” rises up out of your being. Do you feel joy and also a sense of serenity? If these things are present, you will know that you’ve discovered Your Purpose.  

And just an important aside…remember this feeling, of “YES” that combination of joy and serenity, of peace, of knowing.  This is your internal guidance system and you can refer to it whenever you are creating your vision statement AND whenever you have questions for your higher self.

So that’s how you discover your Life’s Purpose. Doesn’t that feel amazing! You can recite it to yourself whenever you are doubting yourself or your actions.  It will increase your self-esteem and keep you focused on your highest priorities. And that brings us to part two of Charting Your Course…

Part 2 – Your Three-Year Vision

Being clear about your purpose enhances your vision statement.  If you have already created your vision Statement, you may want to check now and see if it aligns with your purpose and if you want to make any changes.  Remember that your vision statement is a living, evolving document and you will make changes from time to time. 

The Vision that you have written and are holding in your mind must be clear, larger and more magnificent than the conditions or circumstances in which you presently find yourself. The Vision that you hold and impress upon your mind will determine what you are energetically aligned with… and whatever you are energetically aligned with, will be magnetized to you.

For those of you who haven’t created your vision statement yet, I recommend you listen to episode #9 (it’s part 3 of my Power of Vision workshop) and it will walk you through the entire process.

And, if you would love to accelerate your results, by having me calibrate your vision, and teach you ALL the proven, reliable DreamBuilder tools for transforming your life, schedule a complementary strategy session at  https://dreambigandbloom.com/get-started 

The Visioning Basics

In the meantime, here is a brief review of the visioning process basics.

In writing out your Vision, ask yourself first and foremost, “What would I LOVE?” Be specific. Describe the picture exactly as you desire it to be.

You want to describe the life you would absolutely LOVE living in the four key domains of your life with feelings of gratitude and state it in the present tense, as if you are already living that life.  Start with “I am so happy and grateful now that…”

And finally, always hold your vision with an open hand – “this or something even better still.” By holding your vision with an open hand, you leave room for Universal Intelligence to work, and to surprise you with the “even better still.”

So in the domain of:


I am so happy and grateful now that…


I am so happy and grateful now that…

Work/Creative Expression

I am so happy and grateful now that…

Time and Money Freedom

I am so happy and grateful now that…

And at the very end, “This or something even better still.”

Take the Vision Five Point Test

And then you want to apply the Five Point Test.

Many people ask the wrong question once they’ve designed a vision for their life. They think, “Can I really be, do and have all of this? “ 

Ask instead, “How do I know my Vision is worthy of me?”  You are going to invest considerable time and life energy in this vision so you want to make sure it’s worthy of the investment AND that it will make you truly happy.

Here are the questions to ask yourself:

1. Does it give me life? Does it light me up?

2. Does it align with my purpose and core values? You are clear about these now.

3. Is there good in this for others? 

4. Will it cause me to grow? 

5. Do I need help from a higher power?

If you answered YES to those five questions, you have a Vision and Dream that is worthy of your precious life energy being poured into it each and every day. 

I hope you will take the time to do this process using podcast episode #9 or by enrolling in the 12 Week DreamBuilder Program.

Education without action is merely entertainment

Mary Morrissey

It’s miraculous how having a purpose driven vision statement transforms your life. Trust me.  I’ve studied personal transformation for over 40 years and this process is what creates results.  All the rest is just education.  Education without a system for taking action is just entertainment.

Part 3 – Your Goals

After you have your purpose driven vision, you are ready to choose 3 goals. It’s important to not tackle too many at the same time. 

Working on these goals will keep you moving forward and be positive evidence of your progress. 

Keep it simple and just start where you are, with what you have.  You will find that you have WAY more resources than you recognize at first. 

Write Down Your 3 Goals

  • Goal No. 1
  • Goal No. 2
  • Goal No. 3

Share In The Comments

I hope you have found this helpful and I’m eager to hear about your results. I know for sure that Charting Your Course in this way, produces results. I’m looking forward to hearing about your wins in the comments below.

4 more ways you can get started with the powerful DreamBuilder process:  

1. Get the book

If you haven’t already, be sure to get a free copy of the book, Living Happy, Rich and Free After 60, The guidebook and scorecard for achieving your dreams. https://dreambigandbloom.com/guidebook/

2. Listen to podcast episodes #30 to #39

You’ll learn all about the mindsets in the book and the DreamBuilder Principles and Practices for improving your scores. See https://dreambigandbloom.com/category/podcast/

3. Listen to the “Power of Vision” Workshop

Listen at your own pace to this workshop in 3 episodes where you’ll learn the foundational principles of DreamBuilding, and create your vision for a life that makes you feel happy, rich and free. Go to DreamBigandBloom.com/workshop

4. Be a guest on the Podcast

This is a great way to get a feel for the coaching process. Coaching women just like you, to use the DreamBuilder tools to overcome any challenge and achieve any dream is one of my favorite things to do. To be a guest just visit DreamBigandBloom.com/guest

Always Remember…

Now as you go, remember:

  • You are capable of far more than you know. 
  • You were created to have an amazing and fulfilling life. It’s your birthright.
  • You DON’T HAVE TO SETTLE for just “good enough.”
  • You are more powerful than any circumstance, situation or condition.
  • You absolutely can create the life of your dreams.

Dream big, follow your heart and live with all the joy, purpose, prosperity and fulfillment you deserve.

Here’s to living a life you absolutely love!!

Bye for now,


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