Working For More Than Pay

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Working for More Than Pay

Too many people work for a paycheck. Let your work be more than a place to earn a living. Allow it to be an opportunity to make a life. This approach keeps you in tune with your life energy, allowing your creative expression to be satisfied. It calls you to bring forth your best. If you lack the desire to bring forth, then you are choosing to cruise because you think you can get away with it.The point is not about doing what you are paid to do; it’s about your growth. It is about the way in which you live with a giving, serving consciousness and get compensated for it. If you cannot work with passion, then quit and find out what makes you happy.

No job has a future in it; the future is in the person who does the work. You might look elsewhere for another job, but you’ll never escape your self. Your consciousness brings the change, making life wonderful until something else calls you to it. Form follows consciousness, and so do jobs.

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