#35 Managing Fear

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Welcome to the Dream Big and Bloom Podcast!

Hi! I’m Mardi Lynn, certified DreamBuilder Coach and I help women over 60, who are facing some big changes and challenges in this season of their lives.  

The DreamBuilder Program that I teach is a proven, reliable system for overcoming any challenge and achieving any dream no matter how big it seems.

This podcast will help you apply the powerful principles and practices of the DreamBuilder system and discover the mindsets that are growing or slowing your progress. 

In today’s podcast we are talking about Mindset #4 from the guidebook and Scorecard: Living Happy, Rich and Free After 60.  You can get a free copy at https://dreambigandbloom.com/guidebook/

A quick review, for those of you who are new to the podcast.

Mindset #1 Your Higher Power

Mindset #1 for “living happy, rich and free” is understanding that there is a power in the universe greater than you are, and you can use it.

You don’t have to belong to a religious organization to believe this.  Just know that there is a power within you greater than any circumstance, situation or condition and it has wisdom and guidance for you. 

Some people call it their Higher Self.  Some people call it the Law of Attraction. Some people call it the Quantum Field. In anycase, the DreamBuilder Program is based on an understanding that there is a power within you that has the answer to all your questions and solutions to all your problems and you can use it to create everything you desire.

When you have mastered Mindset #1: Your Higher Power, you are aligned with your Higher Power and rely on it to guide you in overcoming all situations, circumstances, and conditions; you are able to create results with ease and joy, and you feel fulfilled, happy and prosperous. 

Mindset #2 is Your Vision. 

Now that you know that there is a higher power guiding you to your best life and that you are meant to live a life you absolutely love, you are ready to write the blueprint — your vision statement.  

In episodes, (#30 and #31) we went deep into how to create a powerful vision statement.  

You take a few minutes at the beginning of each day to read it, visualize yourself living it and decide what action steps you are going to take that day – even if it’s just a baby step.  

When you have mastered Mindset #2, you have a detailed, written, vision statement for the four domains of life — Health, Relationships, creative expression and time and money freedom, and everyday, you read your vision statement, visualize yourself living it, take action, and consistently get results.

Mindset #3 Abundance

There are two keys to creating prosperity in your life.

#1 is understanding that the Universe is abundant by nature and it’s all yours when you recognize the fact by focusing on gratitude.  You demonstrate abundance in the areas where you put your attention. Where your attention goes, your energy flows.  Wherever you direct your attention, you are going to be abundant in that area.

#2 is the Principle of Giving and Receiving.

We attract abundance by giving what we want to receive.  If you want more love, you give more love, if you want more money, you give more money. If you want more appreciation, you give appreciation to others, if you want more time, you donate your time.  It’s counter-intuitive but it works.  

To learn more details about how to manifest prosperity, see Episodes #32 and #34

Mindset #4: Managing Fear

And that brings us to Mindset #4: Managing Fear

Your dream has passed the tests, and you feel worthy of its coming true. After you have planted your powerful seed of a dream, you want to make sure your dream has the best possible chance of taking root and flourishing.

You don’t want it to get choked out by weeds.  The weeds are fear. 

And I’m going to give you a powerful way to look at fear that will change everything for you.  Are you ready?

You don’t have to “overcome” fear.  You “befriend” it.  Befriend it?



In the physical world, you never get rid of weeds, do you? It’s the same with fear. And 

It’s impossible not to have fear — but we can learn to befriend it so we honor its presence but kick it out of the driver’s seat.

We will always be dealing with a certain amount of fear.  Fear is simply feedback letting us know we are at the edge of the life we’ve known.  We are on our green growing edge.” 

Our dreams call us to step outside of the life we’ve known; to step outside of our current paradigm, to step outside of our comfort zone. The life you want is just outside your comfort zone. That’s where the magic happens.

As we step into our greatness, fear will be a constant companion.  We can see it as good news. That we are making progress. 

So we move ahead in spite of our fear.  We don’t wait for it to go away. We have fear, but the fear doesn’t have us.  Our level of success is directly proportional to our ability to manage it. 

And how do we manage it? 

We feed our Faith

How do we feed our faith?

  • We put our focus back on our vision. We read it every morning. We step into the feeling of it.  See yourself in the movie you have created. Visualize your arrival; create the business card; celebrate your success; create the book cover.
  • Then Act it out. 
  • Do one thing each day to step into your vision….drive the car; write the speech; wear the suit.
  • And then, pay attention to your thoughts and focus on the truth, not on the facts. 

Fear may disguise itself as a helper.  It will say things like, “I’m going to make sure you don’t lose your money again” or “I’m going to make sure you never get your heart broken again” or “I am going to make sure nobody ever takes advantage of you again”. 

Most people listen to their fear and see it as a sign that they should stop. They listen to its reasoning and believe that they cannot have their dream.

You will want to notice the fearful thought and then choose another thought that makes you feel better.  

You are in charge!

Your feelings are caused by your thoughts and you can change your thoughts. It’s not the circumstances that are causing fear.  It’s your thoughts about the circumstances that cause the fear.

This is where affirmations are so helpful.

Some examples of powerful affirmations you can use are 


  • I live in an abundant Universe.
  • The power within me is greater than any circumstances or conditions outside of me.
  • Nothing is bad unless I call it bad.
  • There is an opportunity in EVERY situation.
  • Something positive can emerge from every situation.
  • My history does not dictate my future.

Choosing better feeling thoughts is a powerful strategy for deepening and developing your spiritual muscles and overcoming fear. The consistent use of affirmations reprograms your subconscious mind and that creates less resistance and more ease and flow.

It can be tempting to allow your fear-based thoughts, but doing that will cause you to lose your connection with your spiritual strength.

We have to make a shift in our awareness and consciously connect with our Higher Power. 

When you remember you are connected to the infinite presence that has created and sustained the entire Universe, you can put fear in its rightful place and not allow it to drive your feelings, and actions. 

You support your dream to flourish by creating the internal/mental environment necessary for its growth. 

Isn’t this exciting, to know that you are in control and that there are a few simple things you can do to accomplish your dreams and live a life you absolutely love!


Let’s review how it works…

We all have fears, worries and doubts in our lives. Fear is triggered by the threat of change. It signals that we are on the edge of our comfort zone and that’s actually good news because it signals that we’re at the border of the reality that we have known and  the life of your dreams is beyond that border. 

To manage fear you:

  • Acknowledging your fears.  Notice what you are thinking throughout the day.
  • Choose more positive and empowering thoughts 
  • Focus on your vision
  • Take consistent action. You do what you can, from where you are, with what you have.


When you have mastered Mindset #4, Managing Fear (on the scorecard in Living Happy, Rich and Free After 60) you will be able to affirm, “I have befriended my fear. I use it to see where I need to grow.  I feel the fear, focus on my vision and take action.  I don’t let it hold me back.”

And, by the way, you can now do the scorecard online at http://dreambigscore.com/

I hope you are encouraged and excited to move forward with creating a life you would absolutely love — a life that makes you feel “happy, rich and free.”

I’d love to know about your results and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What are some of the fears that you are going to have to face and “befriend” as you move forward with your dreams?

What is one thing you are going to do this week that is actually stepping into your vision…drive the car… create the book cover… create a business card… make a hotel reservation…

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do ONE thing everyday that scares you.” 

I hope that my sharing these powerful DreamBuilder tools with you, will smooth the way for you so you will take action and experience more peace and joy in the process.  

I’m looking forward to seeing your comments and answering any questions below.

Now, as you go, remember

  • You are capable of far more than you know 
  • You were created to have an amazing and fulfilling life. It’s your birthright.
  • You DON’T HAVE TO SETTLE for just “good enough”
  • You are more powerful than any circumstance, situation or condition
  • You absolutely can create the life of your dreams.

You absolutely can be Happy, Rich and Free After 60! 

Dream big, follow your heart and live with all the joy, purpose, prosperity and fulfillment you deserve!

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