#33 When It’s Hard to Visualize Your Dream Come True

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Wendy Solomon is my guest again this week. She had a question that we knew everyone would be interested in?

What do you do when you’re having trouble staying focused on visualizing your vision accomplished?

This is one of the daily practices we use in the DreamBuilder Program — to read your vision statement and then spend a few minutes to visualize yourself living it –as if everything has turned out the way you desired. Like watching a movie of you living the life you imagined.

Wendy said her mind was wandering to other thoughts and she was having trouble staying focused on her visualization.

We covered a lot of tips and tricks for making the process more fun and effective. I’m sharing some of them here and you can learn all of them by listening to the audio of the podcast.

The Purpose of Visualization

If reading your vision makes you feel all happy and warm and fuzzy, then that’s what you want. The purpose of it is to raise your energy, to get you in alignment with it, to get you fully behind it so that you have that positive energy — the enthusiasm going into your day, and so your energy is vibrating at the rate that activates the law of attraction or the quantum field. Quantum Physics comes into play because you’re aligned with it.

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Watching Your Movie

Pretend that you’re watching the movie of it already happening. That adds another dimension. Instead of just reading a “statement” looking at a movie and you’re seeing yourself in the movie.

Using Your Five Senses

Adding your five senses makes it more real. For example, Wendy could see herself in a movie of her having one of her trips with her husband and eating the food and smelling the aromas, and the taste of the wine, and the sun and the smell of the flowers, and that’s getting all the physical senses involved.

Making it Real

It can be more real when it’s a more of an active, participation thing. So it gets it out of the passive thinking into an active participation. So you’re either telling somebody about it or you’re making a movie or watching the movie. Uh, and so that’s getting into more active mode

Brain Dumping

When other things grab your mind’s attention, like things you need to do or things you have forgotten to do, you can stop and write them down. Just take a minute to jot it down and then get right back to the pause button on your imaginary TV and resume your movie.

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Using Meditation

You can use your vision statement as a guided meditation. Or just use meditation to quiet your monkey mind, so you can hear your higher self speak to you. I think of this as a more active form of meditation than just seeking peace.

Living As If

Living as it is a practice unique to the DreamBuilder Program and this practice makes all the difference. With this practice we go beyond visualizing. This is where it really gets active. You commit to Living your vision today each day, as much as I can, by doing what you can with what you have from where you are. This is where it transforms from a movie, to real life.

For example, one of Wendy’s visions is to travel more. So she can ask herself, “now, if, if I was taking a trip, what would I be doing today about that trip?

Or if you want to feel proud of yourself and your accomplishments, how would you be acting today? How would you be feeling, what would you be wearing? I mean, really, there’s so many things you’ll find that you need, that you could change right now, to be more the person that you wrote up in your vision.

What would my schedule look like? How would I be feeling? I mean, there’s a lot of little things like that. What, what would I be eating today? Assuming this has already happened.

You may find that a lot of what’s in your vision has already been accomplished or could be with some minor shifts.

If you’re in vibrant health and you’re living as if that’s already happened, you’re going to make a lot of different choices, even in the present moment.

And they don’t even have to be goals or to dos or anything. If you’re living as that person, how does that look? What does the person in good health eat?

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Using the Calendar

If it’s not on the calendar, it’s not real. You have to put your baby steps on your calendar. Again, that gets it out of the movie into the real world.

What’s this day going to look like? That’s when you’re the calendar, (or the daily planner I have designed for the ladies I coach.)

Your top 3 Goals for the day

What are the big three things I want to accomplish today? What are some other things I want to accomplish if I have extra time?

And then you stay focused, you choose, once you choose, what’s going to be done that day, you stick to that plan. You can be flexible, but you have your priorities.

You don’t have all this cacophony in your head saying, “oh, and I gotta do this,” and “oh, I got to do that.” You don’t get that free-floating anxiety. You get it out on paper. It doesn’t have to be in your brain anymore.

I do it throughout the day. I keep an app, I use the Google Keep app and I make a list. When anything comes up, just put it on a list and then you don’t have to worry about forgetting it or losing it. It’s written down, it’s there. And it won’t fall through the cracks.

Write down your “Proud of’s”/Your Wins

Keeping a list of your accomplishments every day reminds you that your vision is manifesting and YOU are making it happen.

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Happy, Rich and Free is a Choice

The primitive mind will say, yeah, but I’m not really living it. But you can say, “yes I am. If you choose to be happy, rich and free you are happy, rich and free. If you choose to be, it’s a choice. Feeling happy is a choice. You choose better feeling thoughts and you are happy. When you focus on gratitude for all the blessings you have right now you will feel rich. And free is a choice too.

You’re free to make the most of this day, this beautiful gift of another day of life, which at our age is, we appreciate even more than the average person.

And so you, you choose to be happy, appreciate your, your riches and, and enjoy your freedom. And, at the same time, you are transforming into a grander version of that. But there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy it now. It’s just on a bit of a different level.

You Can Be Happy Now and Still Desiring More

We’re always expanding into a grander, fuller, freer, more expansive version of ourselves. AND you can also enjoy your present circumstances at the same time. And enjoying the process, feeling joy in the present moment, having that happy, rich, and free feeling in every moment, puts you in an attractive vibration that makes things you desire show up. And you’re watching for signs and direction from your higher self — staying attuned to that.

And you observe your thinking. You’re monitoring, you’re thinking and laughing. You know you can laugh when you hear negative messages come up. You can say, “Well, yeah, but that’s not the way it is. I’ve got this!” That’s a really important minute to minute practice and Wendy does it very well.

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The Upward Spiral

And then you start making progress and it accelerates as all the baby steps add up. You’re staying in gratitude because you’re realizing you have more than you realized because you got out of the wishing mode and you started to make progress every day, I mean, that adds up to a lot really quickly. And you’re energized and focusing on “I’m going to live as the best I can today. “

You’re having fun and when you’re having fun, your energy is high and then you’re attractive. And then miracles happen. People call, answers come.

And the more you have, the more it becomes a habit, and the more it happens, and now you are in that upward spiral where it just becomes sort of automatic.

And you, you, you would almost take it for granted if you weren’t keeping track of it and writing down your gratitudes every day. And you’re proud of’s that, that keeps you focused. So you don’t take it for granted, you go, “Wow, I’m really moving forward!”

Why Vision Boards Discouraged Me

This has made all the difference for me, personally, because vision boards used to just piss me off.

I’d be excited when I made it and I’d look at it. And part of me was going this all isn’t dating POS, you know, you say, okay, well, don’t be bodacious about it. Put what you really want. So you can put a lot of energy into getting a really nice vision. I mean, my vision boards were always a little, like, I didn’t really believe I could have it maybe.

And then when I look at it, I just get pissed off. I’d think, “This is ridiculous. It’s not happening. It’s too big!” And I’d be frustrated that it’s not happening fast enough.

None of that would have been the case if I had said, “How am I going to live this today? What’s on that board for me to do today. My life would have been totally different!

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When to give up

As you start taking baby steps, you start doing research. Perhaps you want a different career. You talk to some people and you think, “you know what, this isn’t making my heart sing. It’s not what I thought it was. I really just wanted the money or I thought it would be fun, but it’s not.

You don’t have to hold on to that just because you wrote it down because that’s how you learn. You take the baby step and then you realize that’s it’s not going to make your heart sing. That’s not what I want, but you wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t taken the baby steps.

So there’s a, there’s a process. That’s the process, taking the steps and then evaluating it. But you wouldn’t have done the process and learned that, if you were just saying “Someday, I’m going to change careers, “Someday. I’m going to start a nonprofit” “Someday, I’m going to …”

Wendy: “Yes. And that, I guess that’s the, that’s the really is the key. That absolutely is that all the studying and the thinking about it, it doesn’t go very far until you actually do something.”

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The Problem with To Do Lists

It’s so satisfying to be able to check things off that we tend to do, the things that are easy to check off and it’s easy to avoid the things that aren’t so easy to check off. So that’s the pitfall of a to-do list, but if you can break the big goal down into tiny steps, then you can easily get something you can check off, like make one phone call and you have something to check off.

In only five minutes or so, you can start the research, do the Google search, make the phone call, make one phone call to somebody who’s doing what you want to do and interview them or make one appointment, just one baby step.

These are just some of the tips you will learn in this episode. Wendy was enthusiastic about using them and I think you will be too.

Wendy and I are eager to know how our conversation may have made a difference for you and if you have any questions.

Please share with us in the comments below.

And, as you go remember…

  1. You are capable of far more than you know 
  2. You were created to have an amazing and fulfilling life. It’s your birthright.
  3. You DON’T HAVE TO SETTLE for just “good enough”
  4. You are more powerful than any circumstance, situation or condition
  5. You absolutely can create the life of your dreams.
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Your Next Steps:

When you’re ready, here’s what you can do next to take your life to the next level:

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Until next time, may you dream big, follow your heart and live with all the joy, purpose, prosperity and fulfillment you deserve.

Much love to you
Bye for now!

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