Episode 32 Mindset #3: Abundance

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Having the Desires of Your Heart Truly Is Possible and Do-able

In the last few episodes of the podcast we’ve been going deeper with the foundational principle of dream building — is that you have a higher power supporting you in creating everything you would love in your life and that it’s your birthright to have it all.

My intention for this podcast is that it will build your faith that realizing your heart’s desires truly is possible and do-able and you won’t settle for anything less than the desires of your heart. 

I’ve also created a Guidebook and Scorecard to help you assess where you are in your life now and what you can do to truly be happy, rich, and free. You can download a free copy at dreambigscore.com 

And, if you prefer to read blog posts rather than listen to podcasts, or if you’d like to do both at the same time, you can access the audio and the text on my website at dreambigandbloom.com/32

A quick review, for those of you who haven’t downloaded a free copy of the guidebook and scorecard yet…

Mindset #1 Your Higher Power

Mindset #1 for “living happy rich and free” is understanding that there is a Power in the universe greater than you are, and you can use it.

You don’t have to belong to a religious organization to believe this.  Just know that there is a power within you greater than any circumstance, situation or condition and it has wisdom and guidance for you. 

Some people call it their Higher Self.  Some people call it the Law of Attraction. Some people call it the Quantum Field. In anycase, the DreamBuilder Program is based on an understanding that there is a power within you that has the answer to all your questions and solutions to all your problems and you can use it to create everything you desire.

I’ve done several podcasts about Mindset #1 because I think it’s very challenging for many people to truly believe in their inherent power and to rely on it consistently. I know it was for me.

When we are very young, we are attuned to our internal guidance system but, as we grow up, the connection gets interrupted by influences in our outer world — messages from our parents, teachers, friends, television and social media.

It took me many years to learn to trust it, and it took me many more years to get in the habit of actually following it consistently. 

That’s the reason I’m so passionate about teaching others how to do it.  It doesn’t have to take such a long time when you have a practical system that you use daily and a coach to answer your questions and assuage your doubts.  

I’m providing what I would have loved to have had when I was in my twenties.

I’m so grateful to have found this powerful, proven, reliable DreamBuilder System, and one of my greatest joys is to teach others how to use it.

When you have mastered Mindset #1: Your Higher Power, you are aligned with your Higher Power and rely on it to guide you in overcoming all situations, circumstances, and conditions; you are able to create results with ease and joy, and you feel fulfilled, happy and prosperous. 

Mindset #2 Your Vision

Mindset #2 is Your Vision. Now that you know that there is a higher power guiding you to your best life and that you are meant to live a life you absolutely love, you are ready to write the blueprint — your vision statement.  

In the last two episodes, (#30 and #31) we went deep into how to create a powerful vision statement.  

When your vision is in alignment with your purpose, your passion, your core values and your unique abilities, the full force of your life energy flows at a much faster and more concentrated rate, you are vibrating at a frequency that accelerates your results, and the process becomes easier and more fun.

Your vision statement needs to to pass the 5 Point Test.

  1. Does it give me life?  Does it light you up? Does it make you feel happy and energized?
  2. Does it align with my purpose and core values? Most people don’t know to ask this question but you do now and it makes all the difference.  It’s what prevents people from doing things like building a successful career or making tons of money and then realizing that they aren’t fulfilled because their primary love relationships have been neglected or their morals have been sacrificed.  
  3. Is there good in this for others? Spiritually speaking, we are all one and so when we do good for others we also do for ourselves. What goes around comes around, as the say.
  4. Will it cause me to grow? If it doesn’t cause you to grow, it’s not big enough.  It may be a worthy goal, but it isn’t a vision that is going to transform you into an expanded version of yourself.
  5. Do I need help from a higher power? If it’s a truly big goal, you are going to need help from your Higher Power.

Daily Practice

And then, and this is critical…you must USE this precious document daily.  

You take a few minutes at the beginning of each day to read it, visualize yourself living it and decide what action steps you are going to take that day – even if it’s just a baby step.  

If you have been feeling frustrated and stuck, this one practice will get you moving forward and seeing results very quickly.

When you have mastered Mindset #2, you have a detailed, written, vision statement for the four domains of life — Health, Relationships, creative expression and time and money freedom, and everyday, you read your vision statement, visualize yourself living it, take action, and consistently get results.

Mindset #3 Abundance

Now, this week we’re diving into Mindset #3: Abundance.

The foundational understanding about is that The Universe is by nature abundant. Most of us are just not aware of it. 

In reality, there is never a scarcity problem. There may be a lack of awareness of abundance or an issue of poor distribution and flow, but there is never a lack of abundance.

We are aware that there are people who are starving, children who are going to go to bed hungry tonight and children who will die because of a lack of food. 

But that isn’t because of a lack in the universe. It’s an awareness problem, a distribution problem, a greed problem. It’s a competition problem but it’s not due to a lack of abundance in the universe. 

There is plenty of food in the world that is going to waste and plenty more food that could be grown at the local level if enough people set their intention to fix the situation. 

When we embrace the idea that the Universe is, by nature, abundant and we use the DreamBuilder Prosperity practices to transform our own lives, we also become masters at harnessing this power to transform our planet. 


In the process of building your dream, you are becoming proficient in using your power and you become more receptive to even greater things occurring THROUGH YOU that serve the world at large. 

You see the world through the lens of your unique, personal, human experience and that often leads to passion projects that serve others. 

You are here to do great things and pursuing your interests, and following what makes your heart sing, will direct you to the good you are destined to bring to the world at large.

In my case, I love teaching the DreamBuilder System and coaching women for success. One of the things that makes me feel most alive is when I’m helping women realize that they can choose a different life, that they can CHOOSE. 

That they have the power within them to have everything their hearts desire. 

That there are Universal Laws that work just like gravity, and electricity.  Just like learning the laws of thermodynamics, you can fly!

You Can Fly!

When women use this information and it’s practices, everything is available for them and it’s the most exciting thing for me to see them create amazing results in their lives and to become “happy, rich and free.”

So I got the idea to develop a practice as a DreamBuilder Coach. It seemed like a daunting task, but I believed that if I really wanted to teach this, there is a way. 

When you get an idea that you fall in love with like that, you know you are on the right track. 

The voice of fear will say all the reasons it can’t happen but you don’t let it stop you because you want to have that experience so much.  

I knew that I would love to have the experience of teaching others and seeing them living lives they absolutely love — lives with joy, prosperity and fulfillment. So I decided to do something about it. I decided to really put the laws of the universe to test.

I was stepping out on faith. I had a great vision. I knew that there was a difference that could be made. 

Tap Into The Abundance of The Universe

Now in Mindset #3, we are going to open ourselves to an awareness of how we can tap into the abundance of the Universe. 

Most people experience a feeling of a lack of some kind and live with a sense of fear, lack, limitation, scarcity, and competition.  There are so many influences in our environment that are based on a belief in lack, limitation, scarcity and competition. And yet, the truth is that we live in a generous, and abundant universe. 

The truth is that nobody makes fifty thousand dollars a year because they want to make fifty thousand dollars a year. They make fifty thousand dollars a year because they are not aware of how to make five hundred thousand dollars a year. 

And, at the same time, money is not “THE ANSWER.” 

The Purpose of Money

Money is really only good for two things. 

1. Money is good for making you comfortable enough that you can be creative and share your special talents and abilities. 

2. And number two… that, when you are comfortable, and you unleash your creativity, and money flows to you abundantly; you can use the financial overflow to contribute to things that make a difference in areas that you care about. You have the ability to financially support organizations that are making a difference.

There is a richness in the universe — people, opportunities. All of it is here waiting to help you make your dreams come true as soon as you understand and embrace what real abundance is.

You Are Not A Victim of Circumstances

For many people this understanding completely transforms their lives. This shift in awareness where you began to realize that life is not happening TO you — that Life is happening THROUGH you. You’re not a victim of the circumstances in your life. You are CREATING your experience of these circumstances. 

It’s so easy to look at a circumstance in our lives and say “it’s happening to me.”  Maybe it’s bad luck, or it’s the economy doing it to me or it’s the family I was raised in, or it’s some other cause outside ourselves. 

However, the truth is that circumstances just are. They are neutral. ‘Circum’, means what’s around me, around where I am standing. My circumstances are simply the experiences that surround where I am standing. They are malleable to our thoughts. Life is plastic. All circumstances are plastic and can be molded by our thinking. 

If you are in a bad mood you can walk into a room and see only negative things. Someone else, who’s in a good mood, can walk into a room and notice wonderful things to be happy about. It’s the same room. It’s a matter of what’s inside us. What we see and what we perceive is first caused by our own perception. And we have the power to change it.  It’s matter of choice.

As Victor Frankel so eloquently demonstrated, you get to choose how you are going to respond and no one can take that away from you.

The Keys to Abundance

These are the keys to abundance:

1. The foundational understanding of the presence of abundance, and the truth that you are an abundant being by nature. You are a spiritual being, having a human experience. You are by your very nature abundant. 

2. And the practical application — that you demonstrate abundance in the areas of your highest interest; where you put your attention. 

So if you put your attention on the hurt that you had as a child you are going to be abundant in all kinds of hurt. 

Wherever you direct your attention, you are going to be abundant in that area.

And this might surprise you…

if you want to know where your attention has been, just look at your life. 

But don’t judge it as wrong! It’s merely a matter of having been unaware. You were not aware of the power of the mind. You didn’t realize that you are always directing reality by your thoughts — that your thoughts take shape in the physical world.  There’s an invisible substance that pours itself into the thought forms that are held in your mind and energized over time. Like concrete being poured into forms.

It’s the Law of Attraction in action.  According to Quantum Physics, it’s tapping into the Quantum Field.

And your life provides feedback that you can use in order to change your thoughts and thereby change your experience. 

It’s actually good news! You have the power.

Since we are all connected to an Infinite Power and Presence, we do, by our very nature, have access to abundance at any given moment, through the power of our mind.  Wherever we direct our attention, our energy flows, and we will be abundant in that area.

Two Important Daily Practices

This is the reason that making a gratitude list everyday is so important.

This is also where affirmations come in handy.

Affirmations focus your attention on the positive, raise your energy level, reprogram your subconscious thoughts and change your paradigms. (your habitual ways of acting and reacting).  Affirm what it is you desire to believe and to see demonstrated in your life and repeat your affirmations whenever negative thoughts creep into your consciousness.

Whatever we think about, talk about, and focus on, expands. So taking responsibility for where we focus our attention by using these daily practices is key to manifesting prosperity in our lives.

Giving and Receiving

Another key to creating a life of abundance is the Principle of Giving and Receiving.

We attract abundance by giving what we want to receive.  If you want more love, you give more love, if you want more money, you give more money. If you want more appreciation, you give appreciation to others, if you want more time, you donate your time. 

It seems very counter-intuitive because traditional thinking would be that you lose or have less of something if you give it away.

But when you truly understand and accept that there is no lack of abundance in the Universe, you will enjoy doing this practice and you will be amazed at the results.

The Law of Circulation

There is a Law of Circulation 

You’ve heard the expression, “what goes around, comes around.”

We see the law of circulation in action in nature. Water circulates by turning to vapor and then the vapor condenses and rains back down on the earth.  When the cycle is interrupted there is drought. There is no shortage of water, it’s just not being distributed the way we would like.

But you have control of the Law of Circulation in your life.  As you give, you receive. If you neglect giving, you create a drought in your life.

You want to be sure you are living in harmony with The Law of Circulation by giving.  What you give comes back to you and not necessarily from the same place you gave or in the same measure.


The most powerful giving practice is tithing.  

Tithing means giving 10% of your income to where you are spiritually fed — where you are nourished spiritually.  That doesn’t mean donating to charity — you will enjoy doing that also, but tithing is specifically for the source of your spiritual nourishment.  It could be a religious organization you belong to, but it can also be a person who inspires you or the author of a book that nurtures your spiritual faith. 

This is a way you express your gratitude for the abundance that is flowing to you, and your faith in your higher power to always provide everything you need. 

This behavior also reprograms any limited thinking in your subconscious.  It will reprogram a poverty consciousness into a consciousness of gratitude and abundance.

There is always great resistance to the idea of tithing. It takes faith in the Universe to provide.  So the best way to prove its benefits is to do it and observe what happens.  If necessary, you can tithe less than 10% to start.

If you tithe with the correct mindset, you will be amazed at the results.  

It’s often difficult to see how it’s working but you just know that it is. It’s kind of miraculous actually.

Share Your Experiences

If you have had positive experiences with tithing, you could help others to get started by sharing your experience in the comments.  

And if you have questions or concerns about tithing, share them too. 

Just head on over to dreambigandbloom/33  

Mindset #3 Mastery

When you have mastered Mindset #3, Abundance, Every day, you make a gratitude list. you consider where you are feeling lack and you increase your giving in that area. You make every interaction with people and every transaction one of increase (contribution). You make notes on your interactions and transactions and the ways you were a person of increase, including how that felt, and you tithe regularly.

Can you see now how the Mindset #3 for Abundance builds on Mindset #1, Your belief in a Higher Power and Mindset #2 Taking action on your vision everyday?

Your Results

I hope you have found this helpful and that you will try these practices.

Have fun with it and enjoy the amazing results.

I’m eager to hear about you results. Share in the comments below.

Now, as you go remember…

  1. You are capable of far more than you know 
  2. You were created to have an amazing and fulfilling life. It’s your birthright.
  3. You DON’T HAVE TO SETTLE for just “good enough”
  4. You are more powerful than any circumstance, situation or condition
  5. You absolutely can create the life of your dreams.

Your Next Steps:

Here’s what you can do next to learn all the powerful DreamBuilder principles and apply them to your life:

1. Download the Book

If you haven’t already, download a free copy of the book, Living Happy, Rich and Free After 60, The guidebook and scorecard for achieving your dreams. Get your copy at dreambigandbloom.com/book

2. Try the new DreamBuilder Scorecard

The framework of everything we talk about on the Dream Big and Bloom Podcast is based on the 10 DreamBuilder Mindsets. Find out how they are either growing or slowing your results Go to dreambigscore.com/

3. Be a guest on the Podcast

This is a great way to get a feel for the process in a friendly environment. Coaching women just like you, to use the DreamBuilder principles and practices to overcome any challenge and achieve any dream is one of my favorite things to do. To be a guest just visit DreamBigandBloom.com/guest

4. Join the Dream Builder Program

Studies have shown that when education is combined with coaching, individuals increase their productivity by an average of 86%.That’s why top athletes, celebrities and successful business leaders hire coaches. To make this difference in your life, join the 12-week DreamBuilder Program and get in-depth personalized support applying these powerful principles and practices. To get started visit DreamBigandBloom.com/get-started

Until next time, may you dream big, follow your heart and live with all the joy, purpose, prosperity and fulfillment you deserve.

Much love to you
Bye for now!

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