#31 Put Your Vision to the 5 Point Test

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In the last few episodes of the podcast we’ve been going deeper with the foundational principle of dream building which is recognizing the power within you to achieve your dreams and accepting that “Living Happy, Rich and Free” is your birthright.  

My purpose for going deeper with these principles is to increase your faith and confidence in your ability to realize your dreams.  It truly IS possible and do-able. You don’t have to settle and you shouldn’t!

Last week, we went deeper with Mindset #2 from my new guidebook, Living Happy, Rich and Free After 60 which you can get at https://dreambigandbloom.com/guidebook/  

Mindset #2 is Your Vision. 

Once you are aligned with your higher power,  you’re ready to plant the seeds for the life you would truly love living. 

You start by recognizing and honoring your longing and discontent — asking yourself the question “what would I love”. 

To the degree that you have accepted your power and embraced a sense of deserving you won’t settle, you won’t be concerned about “the how.” You will focus on what makes your heart sing and what specifically would be the antidote to your longing and discontent.

Your Purpose Statement

In the last episode I taught how to create a purpose statement.  This is the key to having a powerful vision statement and most people don’t know the importance of this..  

Your true source of feeling happy, rich and free is in living according to your life’s purpose, your passion, your core values and your unique abilities.

When your vision is in alignment with your purpose, your passion, your core values and your unique abilities, the full force of your life energy is harnessed, you vibrate at a frequency that accelerates your results and you find the process easier and more fun.

It was a very meaty episode and included a lot of powerful action steps.  And it occurred to me that you might have needed to stop the audio and take notes and that might have been tedious.  So I wanted to mention that the text of my podcasts lessons are posted as posted with the audio on my blog at DreamBigAndBloom.com/ so you can always go there and read the episode if you prefer. 

In fact, if you read and listen at the same time, you will retain more.  Even if you are primarily an auditory learner, a visual learner or a kinesthetic learner, the more modalities you use, the better your retention will be. (Just a little educational tip from my years as a school teacher. : )

And you are welcome to print the blog post and use it for a worksheet.

Now…after you have your personal Purpose Statement, you’re ready to create your vision for your life. 

And this week, I’m going to give you some powerful tips for creating your written vision statement.

Your Three-Year Vision 

Think in terms of a Three Year Vision.  Visualize what your ideal life will look like three years from now.  The reason we call it a “Three-Year Vision” isn’t because it’s going to take three years; it’s because that’s a period of time that will prevent the voice of fear and doubt from getting all agitated and activated.  

If you think in terms of accomplishing everything right this red hot minute, your old paradigms are going to try and prevent you from making changes.  You might have thoughts like, “Really?” What makes you think you can accomplish that?  Did it happen last year when you set out to do it?  So three years is a period of time that your limited mind will let pass. It’s not as threatening.

If you listened to the vision workshop podcast #9, you will remember the time machine exercise where you imagine a conversation three years from now and you are describing it as all having been accomplished and how you did it.  It’s a really powerful way to re-program your subconscious mind.  You can get hear it at dreambigandbloom/workshop and it’s #9

The vision that you are going to hold in your mind is going to be larger and more magnificent than the conditions or circumstances in which you presently find yourself. 

The Vision that you hold and impress upon your mind will determine what you are in harmony with… and whatever you are in harmony with, will be magnetized to you, so you use this little trick to keep you aligned and to keep fear and doubt out of the way.

What Would You Love?

When writing your Vision Statement, ask yourself first and foremost, “What would I LOVE?” Don’t think about how it will be accomplished.  Just be specific about what you truly desire. Don’t settle for less!!!

Describe a picture exactly as you desire it to be. Describe the life you would absolutely LOVE living in the four key domains of your life:

  • 1. health,
  • 2. relationships,
  • 3. creative expression (work, volunteering, passion projects) and
  • 4. time and money freedom.

State it with gratitude and state it in the present tense, as if you are already living that life – “I am so happy and grateful that…”

“This or Something Better Still”

And finally, always hold your vision with an open hand – by saying “this or something even better still.”  By holding your vision with an open hand, you leave room for Universal Intelligence to work it’s magic, and to surprise you with the “even better still.

Your Vision

Start your statement with “I am so happy and grateful that… 

Write a statement for your vision of your:

  1. Health 
  1. Relationships 
  1. Work/Creative Expression 
  1. Time and Money Freedom 

And end it all with “This or something even better still”

The Vision Five Point Test 

Now the next step, and one that few people know about is to put your vision statement to “The “5 Point Test.”  This is key!

Many people ask the wrong question once they’ve designed a vision for their life. They think, “Can I really be, do and have all of this? “ 

Rather, think about it this way: “How do you know your Vision is worthy of you?” Because you are going to devote your precious time and energy to it.

Here are the questions to ask yourself: 

1. Does it give me life? 

Does it light you up? Does it make you feel happy and energized?

2. Does it align with my purpose and core values?

Most people don’t know to ask this question but you do now and it makes all the difference.  It’s what prevents people from doing things like building a successful career or making tons of money and then realizing that they aren’t fulfilled because their primary love relationships have been neglected or their morals have been sacrificed.  

3. Is there good in this for others?

Spiritually speaking, we are all one and so when we do good for others we also do for ourselves. What goes around comes around, as the say.

4. Will it cause me to grow?

If it doesn’t cause you to grow, it’s not big enough.  It may be a worthy goal, but it isn’t a vision that is going to transform you into an expanded version of yourself.

5. Do I need help from a higher power?

If it’s a truly big goal, you are going to need help from your Higher Power.

If you answered YES to those five questions, you have a Vision and Dream that is worthy of your precious life energy being poured into it each and every day. 

Now you are clear that you deserve to have a life you absolutely love, you have clarity about what that will look like, and you are open for “this or something even better…Now you are ready to set some goals.

Your Goals 

So with that in mind, choose three goals and write them down.

Goal No. 1 

Goal No. 2 

Goal No. 3 

And everyday, take at least one baby step to accomplish one of your goals. You don’t need to accomplish a whole goal in one day.  Maybe it needs to be subdivided into multiple little baby steps and then you can do at least one thing every day.  

For example, if your goal is to take a trip you may need to start doing research on things to see, and places to stay. You may want to talk to someone.  You may want to start purchasing clothes for the trip or learn a foreign language.

Oh yes, because you are living as if it’s a done deal! 

You realize that you are in charge of your life now.

You have the power and you’re committed to using it.

You can work on more than one goal at a time, just be sure you don’t take on too much so you can stay focused, take consistent small actions in one direction at a time and experience success. 

You will be amazed and how fast you make progress when you have this kind of clarity, focus and commitment to action.

Live “As If”

And, in the meantime live as if it’s already accomplished.  As Mary Morrissey, the creator of The DreamBuilder Program says, “You can’t get TO your dream – you must come FROM it.

As much as possible, live like the person who has that life.  How would you be feeling, what would you be thinking, doing and enjoying.  It’s like stepping into your own movie, seeing  your vision accomplished and enjoying every moment of your life as much as you possibly can. 

This is the fun part. 

And it shows that voice of fear and doubt that you’ve got this, and that it’s all good.

Your Results

I hope you will try this and I’m eager to hear about your results.  Just head on over to DreamBigAndBloom.com/31 and share in the comments. 

Now, as you go remember…

  1. You are capable of far more than you know 
  2. You were created to have an amazing and fulfilling life. It’s your birthright.
  3. You DON’T HAVE TO SETTLE for just “good enough”
  4. You are more powerful than any circumstance, situation or condition
  5. You absolutely can create the life of your dreams.

Your Next Steps:

Here’s what you can do next to learn the other powerful DreamBuilder principles and apply them to your life:

1. Download the Book

If you haven’t already, download a free copy of the book, Living Happy, Rich and Free After 60, The guidebook and scorecard for achieving your dreams. Get your copy at dreambigandbloom.com/book

2. Try the new DreamBuilder Scorecard

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3. Be a guest on the Podcast

This is a great way to get a feel for the process in a friendly environment. Coaching women just like you, to use the DreamBuilder principles and practices to overcome any challenge and achieve any dream is one of my favorite things to do. To be a guest just visit DreamBigandBloom.com/guest

4. Join the Dream Builder Program

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Until next time, may you dream big, follow your heart and live with all the joy, purpose, prosperity and fulfillment you deserve.

Much love to you
Bye for now!

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