3 Roadblocks to Your Happiness

three zebras blocking a road

We’re approaching the end of the first quarter of the new year!

How are you doing on your DreamBuilder journey? Are you feeling more “happy and fulfilled?”

If you’re not making the progress you had hoped for, don’t be discouraged. It takes time to change life-long habits of thinking. The key is to notice what you are thinking, stay focused on your vision, and keep taking action.

However, If you find yourself resisting the daily practice, you may be up against one of these 3 roadblocks:

#1. You don’t believe it’s possible 

You might have a belief that manifesting your dreams is unrealistic. It might even be on a subconscious level.

#2. You don’t believe you can do it 

You might believe you have a character flaw (like lack of self-discipline), or you might believe that there are outside circumstances that make it impossible (your age, the economy, lack of time, etc.)

#3 You’ve tried doing “all the things” and failed

You might have read tons of books, taken courses, and repeated affirmations, but it hasn’t worked.   

If any of these roadblocks are preventing you from living a life you love, I totally understand because I experienced ALL of them at one time or another. I was held back for years! I know how frustrating it can be.

I Found The Solution

That’s why I am so grateful to have found the DreamBuilder Program and why I’m so passionate about teaching and coaching and seeing my students get results!

Always Remember This…

Always remember, there is a power within you greater than any situation, circumstance or condition. You absolutely can break through these roadblocks and create a life you love! 

Here’s to busting through any roadblocks and creating happiness and fulfillment!

Believing in you and your dreams,


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