# 23: Time and Money Freedom

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Hi and welcome to the Dream Big & Bloom podcast for creating a life you absolutely love.

I’m Mardi Lynn, certified DreamBuilder Coach and I help women over 60, who are disappointed and frustrated because this season of their lives is disappointing.  They’re tempted to settle for just good enough but there’s a deep longing within them for more fulfillment and fun. I teach a proven, reliable system for overcoming any challenge and achieving any dream, no matter how big it may seem. 

Today we’re talking about Time and Money Freedom.  Many women are retired and have lots of free time, but are not free to do the things they would love due to lack of money.

Many women are having to work instead of retiring and don’t have enough free time to do what they would love, like traveling or spending time with grandchildren.

Time and Money Freedom is the fourth of the four domains of life that we focus on in the DreamBuilder Program.  To quickly review them for you…

The Four Domains of Life

  • The first is vibrant health because it affects everything else in your life — your energy, your physical capacity and longevity.  
  • The second is harmonious, loving, relationships — with a life partner, family members, and friends.  
  • The third is vocation and, in our age group, this often means, sharing your wisdom and experience by volunteering, or mentoring, or creating a part-time business to supplement your retirement income or create a retirement nest egg.
  • And the fourth domain is time and money freedom. This domain is related to the third domain, vocation, because the money you earn working can provide you with the freedom to do whatever you desire, whenever you desire but, if you are having to work too much, you don’t have enough time to enjoy your money.  

Maybe this was your experience during your working life and, all those years, you were looking forward to retirement so you could finally have more free time and enjoy life more. 

Perhaps you are retired now, happy to not be working and to be having so much time for yourself, but frustrated and disappointed because you aren’t able to afford to do the things you would really love, like traveling.  

So Time and Money Freedom is an important topic and maybe one you haven’t ever considered before.

The Power of Vision

If you’ve been listening to this podcast for any period of time, you know that the first step in creating a life you absolutely love, is to be clear about what that would look like, and today, I’m going to give you some ideas to consider that will help you create your vIsion for Time and Money Freedom. 


I’m going to share 10 Principles of Success from one of my mentors — marketing expert and business coach, Dean Jackson.  His criteria for success are all based on this idea of having time and money freedom.  Dean “thinks outside the box” and as a young adult, he allowed himself to focus on what he would truly love his life to look like. He wanted time and money freedom and he has created it for himself. He lives according to these principles, has become very wealthy, is really enjoying this domain of his life. And he’s helping others to do the same.  You can see all his income streams at https://www.deanjackson.com/

I think you will find this list very interesting. You may even find it provocative. In any case, I  hope it will inspire you to “think outside the box” and come up with a vision of success based on having what you truly desire — without compromising.

Deciding on your vision for your lifestyle will help you in deciding on your vision for your Vocation in Domain three. Dean’s vision for his lifestyle is the ultimate in Time and Money freedom.

I loved his principles for planning his life when I heard him talk about it many years ago and I have used it in creating my life. I’m excited to share it with you and to know if it helps you. So here are Dean’s 10 Principles of Success

Dean Jackson’s 10 Principles of Success

1. Consider the question, “What Would I Like to Do Today?”

Imagine the freedom of waking up every morning, not having a set schedule and not having every moment accounted for. That doesn’t mean that you goof off all day, but it allows you to consider what you really want to be doing in the moment.

2. Your Passive Revenue Exceeds Your Lifestyle Needs

Dean made a conscious decision early in his career not to get caught up in the pursuit of material things, but to lead with revenue and then keep his lifestyle within those means.

A lot of people get a big house, nice cars and excessive material goods, only to find

themselves in debt years later. To support such spending habits and lifestyle, a person must constantly generate revenue. This merely creates financial imprisonment or another proverbial hamster wheel. Your goal should be to live like an artist with a $50,000 a month trust fund.  OMG, I love that analogy!  Wouldn’t that be the best?  Do you even need as much as $50,000 a month?  

3. Do What You Love  

Hmmm… I believe you’ve heard me say this a couple of times.  LOL

Dean says it’s extremely important that you work on projects that you are excited about because that is when you will do your best work. Who wants to wake up in the morning and dread going to work that day? Doing work that excites you improves your quality of life.

4. Live Globally

Now with the Internet and other technology, one can operate a business anywhere without being confined by specific geographic boundaries. If this is an important criterion for you, be aware than you won’t get involved in a local businesses that require you to be in any one particular place. As Tony Robbins says, “Start with the lifestyle not with the business, otherwise the business will take your lifestyle.”

If you are just starting a business, looking to change businesses or even improve your current business, you have to first define what success means to you and then apply those definitions to a scale: the Freedom Matrix. By looking at different work-related areas and the progressions toward freedom within them, you will be able to determine how you want to live your life.

image of networking group
Networking with positive, happy people

5. Surround Yourself with Positive, Happy People

The people you surround yourself with strongly influence who you become. Making a conscious decision to be around people that have a meaningful life, who are a positive influences, and are happy and exciting people supports you in becoming that kind of person.

And I will add that the flip side of this is that the people you are currently surrounding yourself with, are a reflection of the life you have created to date. Your life is a mirror of your thinking and your beliefs. 

6. Have No Deadlines or Time Obligations

Some people work best under pressure, but some people feel squeezed or pushed when

they’re up against a deadline. It’s a matter of HAVING to do it versus GETTING to do it and ultimately, deciding whether you want to chase something or have it chase you.

7. Wear Whatever You Want

It’s one less thing you have to think about and thus simplifies your life. Steve Jobs is a perfect example: he was worth billions and wore a turtleneck and jeans every day. He didn’t waste time trying to dress like someone he was not. 

8. You Can Quit Any Project at Any Time 

As I tell my students, if you go down a path and it turns out to not be taking you to your dreams, you can change direction at any time.  You just don’t quit because your paradigm is kicking your butt, but if a project doesn’t make your heart sing, you won’t have to continue it just for the money.

9. Disappear for Any Length of Time with No Effect on Income

Dean’s ideal is to have his business setup so it can run without him.  He has several business services that are organized and staffed so that they can run without him.  Isn’r that the ultimate in time and money freedom?

10. Wear a Watch for Curiosity Only

That would mean that your life isn’t ruled by the clock.  I know that Dean does have appointments to keep because he does Q & A Sessions for some courses, leads workshops and interviews business owners for his podcast. So he does need to know what time it is some of the time but the appointments are scheduled for his convenience and are activities that he loves.  And if he wanted to retire he could afford to stop doing these activities

sticky notes on board
Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

So that’s all ten of Dean”s Principles for Success.  What do you think?  Does the idea of defining your lifestyle this way appeal to you? 

Seems pretty bodacious to me, compared to the way the average person lives and Dean has proven it can be done.

I think it requires a strong sense of deserving, strong self-esteem and courage to live this way and those traits can be learned or strengthened using the tools in the DreamBuilder Program.  

Are you up to doing this? To being this intentional, designing your lifestyle first and creating your vision exactly the way you desire, rather than settling for a life that’s just good enough? 

I’d love to know what you think. 

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Now as you go, remember…you absolutely can design the lifestyle of your dreams.  Dream big, follow your heart and create a life filled with all the joy, purpose, prosperity and fulfillment you deserve.

Thank you for listening, it’s my joy and privilege to serve you. If you have a burning question you’d like me to answer on a future episode, let me know in the comments.

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Now as you go remember…

  1. You are capable of far more than you know 
  2. You were created to have an amazing and fulfilling life. It’s your birthright.
  3. You DON’T HAVE TO SETTLE for just “good enough”
  4. You are more powerful than any circumstance, situation or condition
  5. You absolutely can create the life of your dreams.

And I’m here to help you.

Until next week,

Here’s to living a life you absolutely love!

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