Inner Strength

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 In my coaching sessions, I always stress the importance of a daily–even hourly–practice to change our thought patterns, or consciousness.  Even thought we accept the Truth intellectually, it almost takes a constant mantra sometimes to drown out the negativity of the rest of society.  Joyous Freedom Journal by Rev Christian Sorensen and Rev. Petra Weldes is a great resource.  It always inspires me.   Click here to order

  June 1st Message is about “Inner Strength”

You are the very presence of Spirit, Life Itself, as you. Whatever you may be facing in your life, you have all the strength and courage to deal with it, because you have the entire strength of the Universe at your back.

Think about the power and strength that it takes to create a universe, to keep all the planets spinning in their orbits, to keep evolution unfolding and life moving forward. That is the strength you can rely on. Surely it’s big enough and strong enough for what you are facing.

Inner strength comes from the realization that you are not alone- that you are not the source of your life, and that you don’t have to be. Inner strength is the realization that all the strength you will ever need is right where you are.

Sharing is caring!

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