Teel book

My current favorite read is This Life is Joy by Roger Teel. He is the Senior Minister and Spiritual Director at Mile Hi Church in Boulder Colorado.

The reason I like his work so much is that he is able to integrate the teachings of Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes, A Course in Miracles, The Bible, the findings of modern Quantum Physics and The Law of Attraction. I have studied all of these and found great wisdom, guidance and effective practices in each.

Today I am contemplating Chapter 8, This Fear Is Friend

Teal says, “…there is never certainty, security, or permanency in the outer world of people, tins, and circumstances. Security can only be found within…”

The Voice for Love said to me, “Security can only come from faith in God (Spirit,Source,Divine Love) to guide, provide and protect you.”  

We establish this faith by reading, affirmations and, most importantly by meditating to hear the Voice for Love.

My affirmation for today is “All is revealed to me.”





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