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Enduring Happiness

Deep Fulfillment

Complete Peace of Mind

You Long for More Happiness and Fulfillment…but It Seems Unrealistic.

Do Any of These Struggles Sound Familiar?

Longing for Better Health

You want to be healthy, energetic and live a long, active life, but it’s such a struggle to eat right and exercise.

Longing for Financial Freedom

You’re afraid of outliving your savings and you lack the financial freedom to do the things you would love to do.

Longing for a passionate, loving, intimate relationship

You want more intimacy in your marriage, or you’re single, and want to find the perfect life partner but you don’t know how.

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I'm Here to Help

Mardi Lynn, Certified DreamBuilder Coach

Confessions of a Personal Development Nerd

When I reached retirement age, I had no life partner (divorced twice), almost no assets (remember the crash of 2008?) and was living with my 89 year old Mom. The irony is that I’d had a passion for personal development for 40 years! I read all the books, made vision boards, said affirmations, and meditated. Can you imagine my frustration?!!!

Well, I knew it was possible to manifest your dreams and I wasn’t going to give up! I used everything I had learned to stay positive and keep taking action and that included starting my own business, dating online and becoming a life coach.

In spite of my circumstances, I managed to find the money to invest in THREE certification programs. It was totally worth the investment of time and money because being coached and mentored is so much more effective than just reading books and taking courses.

Now, I’m living my ideal life as a DreamBuilder Coach, living the RV life with my honey (found him on an online dating site). I wake up everyday feeling energized, enthusiastic, loved, fulfilled and so-o-o-o grateful.

 You might be thinking that it’s impossible to be totally happy, fulfilled and financially secure at our age and I totally understand. It’s so tempting to just settle for “good enough.” However, my life is proof positive that you can have it all.

I believe in you and your dreams! If you can’t believe it right now, you can lean on my belief. I can guide you around the pitfalls and save you time and frustration.

You deserve to enjoy every precious remaining day to the fullest. It’s your time. Let’s go!

Signature Coaching Program

The DreamBuilder Program

In my 12 week DreamBuilder Program, I’ll personally guide you along the path to creating a life you absolutely love. First, we’ll clarify your vision. Then you’ll apply the powerful, proven, DreamBuilder practices, and take consistent action until worry and doubt are replaced with confidence and results. To learn all the details and apply for one of the few remaining spots, click the button below.

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Three Simple Steps to Achieve Your Dreams

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